TRANSMEDIA: The Elements Club®

The world's first transmedia romance series, The Elements Club story unfolds over ebooks, interactive ebooks, casual video games, online episodes and live events.

Produced, wrote, directed, created the World's First Transmedia Romance series, The Elments Club®. 

Set in Victorian London between 1892-1897, The Elements Club® follows the lives of various members as they each unlock the power of love and fortune. The story unfolds over e-books, an interactive e-books, casual video games, online episodes, and live events. READ. WATCH. PLAY. GATHER. 

I write all copy (books/ scripts), direct all video and audio prouduction, create all art and illustrations,  produce and art direct all video game content, create and maintain the website, and develop and produce on-going social media content. The story is shot on location at Heritage Square Musuem in Los Angeles. 

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